inching toward extinction.

20 Sep

Week 108

I know I was a bit brief with regards to last week’s update, but there really wasn’t much to say about the conference in Atlanta.

I had a client at the hospital this week…a very sweet gentleman who was curious about my schoolwork. When I explained to him the whole process of becoming a neuropsychologist, he told me he was proud of me!  That was a first, but it was really quite sweet of him.

Otherwise, it was just a regular week of classes and work. I am inching ever closer to getting my dissertation study off the ground; I finished programming the stimuli and making minor tweaks, and now I just have to pilot it on some of the other folks in the lab to see if it actually works the way I want it to. I’m excited about it! I was explaining it to a new lab member this week, and she was very enthusiastic about it, which made me even more excited.

Classes are chugging along…I’m getting along fine in all of them. So far, I’ve been staying on top of my readings pretty well, and the demands aren’t insanely high this semester. My hardest class is easily Psychometrics, but I am also thoroughly interested in the subject, so that helps. I have been reading the assigned chapters multiple times to try to keep up with the professor, which has been working out okay for me so far. But we’re only a few classes in.

As for my TAing, things are fantastic. I’m working for my research adviser, and it’s such a nice respite from the insanity of the last two semesters that I TAed. The demands are relatively low, and we have similar work styles, so it’s easy.

19 Sep

How Memories Can Be Genetically Passed Down Through The Generations

A brief summary of some recent research on epigenetic mechanisms of inheritance. I did not read the original publication, but I met one of the researchers working on the mouse studies of epigenetics and heard him talk about his work. It’s truly fascinating stuff, but it’s important to take it with a grain of salt. These studies are with mice, worms, and nematodes…not humans.

16 Sep
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13 Sep

Week 107

I had classes this week. I had a client at the hospital.  I’m in Atlanta for a conference…I presented my research last night. Got a lot of good feedback. Had more people stop to talk to me than ever before. I’d like to go home now though.

07 Sep

Meghan Trainor w/ Jimmy Fallon & The Roots All About That Bass

Continuing in my theme of posting everything related to this song….

Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!

06 Sep

Week 106

Had my first couple of classes this week. I’m taking Forensic Psychology, Personality Psychology, secondary supervision, and Psychometrics. I was also registered for a class on Supervision (as in, how to be a good supervisor…) but decided to drop it. We discovered that it’s not a requirement, and the amount of work associated with it was staggering. It actually caused a bit of drama, because once it became known why I was dropping it, everyone else in the class decided to drop it as well. The professor got pretty pissed. But oh well.

I had an interesting case lined up at the hospital, but she no-showed, so I went in again on Friday for a different case. That case turned out to be interesting as well, but for different reasons. My client was a kiddo, so I was excited to do a pediatric battery. Pediatrics are more fun for me for a lot of reasons, not least of which because of the wide variety of functional levels you get to see. With adults, there’s some variability, but it seems less obvious, I guess. Anyway, with my kiddo yesterday, she ended up having 5 seizures while I was with her. I have seen absence seizures in person before, but I’ve never seen complex seizures, so it was a new experience. We also test them while they’re having the seizure, to see if their language and memory are interrupted. Very intriguing stuff. Brains are weird!

I also spent a lot of time this week trying to get my study off the ground. Made some major progress, so I’m thinking I’ll be able to collect some pilot data over the next few weeks!

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the start of the new semester and getting back in the swing of things. I haven’t been sleeping well or eating well either, so that’s certainly not helping things. ….Is it summer again yet?

02 Sep This is my life now.

This is my life now.

31 Aug

Week 105

This week was a relatively slow one, all things considered. My supervisor at the hospital was on vacation, so I didn’t have any clients or reports to work on there. I did go upstate for my last day at that placement.

It was actually kind of a relief to finish up the work upstate. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent there, and I would love to return at some point and work more with the supervisor I had, but I think it was just an added stress this summer. On top of the stresses of figuring out how to get to and from there, there weren’t a whole lot of client hours to speak of. It’s no one’s fault….it’s just the way it goes when you’re at a non-profit one day per week for only 10 weeks or so. I think I would definitely get more out of it if I were to return for a longer stint.

And speaking of doing a longer stint there, my supervisor was very enthusiastic about me applying for a real externship and even internship there. It was truly nice to hear that my time and efforts were appreciated, even though I was only there briefly (and sometimes felt like I was doing nothing but getting in the way). I can’t wait to work with those folks more in the future.

Classes technically started on Thursday, but I don’t have Thurs or Fri classes, so I didn’t actually start. I did show up for the class I’m TAing for this semester. I’m really really looking forward to it, for once! I’m TAing for my research adviser, and it’s a Neuro class, so I’m excited. It’s a smaller class, so I’m the only TA, which I also like. I can let my inner control freak out.

Otherwise, I’ve spent almost all of my time working on setting up my next experiment. I have to program all of the stimuli and everything that my participants will look at, and it’s a gigantic pain in the ass. I don’t know why I’m struggling with it so much…it’s just not intuitive, I guess. It’s frustrating, but I’ll get through it at some point….

28 Aug

Any time I hear someone say “I’m bored”…



25 Aug


Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Cecilia and the Satellite

For all the places I have been, I’m no place without you.

Can’t stop listening to this song.