inching toward extinction.

20 Aug

Sentencing, by the Numbers

Criminal justice policy should be informed by data, but we should never allow the sterile language of science to obscure questions of justice.

A quick, interesting opinion piece on using “risk assessments” to sentence criminals.

19 Aug
18 Aug



How the Sun Sees You: People Discover What They Look like under Ultraviolet Light, and the Startling Power of Sunscreen

I’ve seen this done with still photography before, but never with video. Whaaaaaaa…

People of the paler persuasions, please watch and think about this before you decide to covet and idolize tan skin as the cornerstone of beauty. I shudder to think how many thymine dimers are lurking inside our invisible freckles like ticking neoplastic time bombs.

Also, how adorable is everyone in this video?

16 Aug

Week 103

I spent this week with my family and friends down the shore. It was a much needed vacation from my usually overwhelming schedule.

Fortunately for me, all of my supervisors and advisers were incredibly kind, reminding me not to do any work during the week. It was something I needed to hear too…otherwise, I would work until my brain dripped out of my ears.

It’s back to the grind tomorrow, but for now I’ll use the time I’ve been granted to decompress and shake off the burnout.

15 Aug
My orgasm ray comes from…not my arms.

Overheard during Superfight.

13 Aug

One death too many

Important to keep in mind.

12 Aug


Another great one has stepped on a rainbow. I place blame on the despair and agony he suffered, not his choice to end it. I’m sad, hollowed out looking at pictures of his incredibly familiar, merry eyes. I know about the terrible razor’s edge that brilliantly funny souls so often straddle. I know it cuts them. I wish this wasn’t so. I wish that we could spare them this pain somehow, because of what they give to us. Robin Williams gave so very much to us. So many great moments of laughter and thoughtfulness. I hate that this is what it cost. Poor, dear man. He did try to beat back that darkness. I celebrate him for that, even though the darkness won out.

09 Aug

Week 102

It was a long week, though I’m not sure why it feels that way, because I didn’t really do much.

I followed up with some of my analyses for my thesis data.

I saw a couple of clients.

Basically, I’m on vacation, so fuck work.

05 Aug

Tove Lo Out of Mind

Sometimes superficial pop music just does it for me.

(Source: Spotify)

04 Aug

Meghan Trainor All About That Bass

Sione Maraschino positively steals the show in this music vid.